Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Quick Hits: Volume XLVI (UPDATE: Sawalich drops out)

-Yes, it's pretty much been established that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) is a jellyfish. Beyond that, the man makes Droopy Dog sound like General George S. Patton.

Behold Reid's insufferably ignorant statement on the financial status of those who create jobs in America.

"Millionaire job-creators are like unicorns; they're impossible to find and don't exist."

A famous Dennis Miller rant from about 4-1/2 years ago comes to mind when I listen to that clip.

If it’s possible to make Mr. Limpet sound like Demosthenes, Reid does it every time he opens his ashen piehole and haltingly forces out that tremulous pale-gray oratory that sounds like it’s oozing from a stuck caulking gun.

I'll say one thing for Senator Reid and his fellow Democrats. They have definitely provided a veritable trove of sound bites which the Republican National Committee absolutely can (and should) use to their advantage.

-I'll fully admit that I'm not much of an insider when it comes to Minnesota state party politics. So when MN GOP chair Tony Sutton resigned nearly two weeks ago, I didn't really have any strong feelings either way.

Upon Sutton's resignation, it was learned that the party was approximately a half-million dollars in debt. Naturally, the pro-Sutton and anti-Sutton crowds had their say as to whom was most responsible, but the fact is that such petty squabbling wasn't going to alleviate the problem.

So as speculation commenced regarding candidates for the next MN GOP chair, many delegates began to compile a list of qualities they'd like to see in the next party chair. A lot of what I heard from those who consider themselves "grassroots" is they'd prefer to see someone who makes a more concerted effort to reach out to them. In addition, many felt we should focus on someone who possesses a solid business acumen, an attribute which would be of great value in attempting to overcome the party's debt.

The first name I've seen thrown into the fray is Eden Prairie resident Brandon Sawalich, who is the Sr. Vice President at Starkey Hearing Technologies. At first blush, his background is quite impressive. Here's hoping for more superlative candidates as the days go on.

UPDATE: Sawalich drops out, continuing the tremendous run for Minnesota Republicans.

-Collective hearts of Minnesota girls were shattered over the weekend upon the news that Twins catcher Joe Mauer asked girlfriend Maddie Bisanz for her hand in marriage (she said yes).

Mauer was asked if this big change in his life was going to affect his baseball career.

"No. (Maddie's) the one who got me through last year," Mauer said. "If anything, she's going to make me better. We were really close (friends) in '09, too."

I can hear it now. If indeed Mauer has another sub par season in 2012, some Twins fans might actually begin referring to Maddie as "Yoko Bisanz."


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