Friday, December 09, 2011

NFL Trivia night: Ray J's

After taking a couple of weeks off, I was back in the saddle for NFL Trivia night Thursday at Ray J's in Woodbury. And just like last time I played, I breezed through the first three rounds to get to the finals.

The latter rounds entail buzzing in "Family Feud" style and answering questions by category. The finalists then alternate within one category until someone gets an answer wrong. If there's an odd number of answers, the person who buzzes in first has the advantage if the two contestants run the table. The first to win three categories in the championship round wins the match.

On this particular evening, my opponents in the finals was a duo who called themselves "The Jermichaels."

Question 1: Something along the lines of which QBs have had at least ten 4th quarter comebacks on the road since 1997.

Brad (buzzes in first): Favre (incorrect)
Jermichaels: (for the win) Roethlisberger (correct)

1-0, Jermichaels.

Question 2: Since 1985, the Vikings have drafted 13 different Tight Ends. Name them.

Jermichaels (buzz in first): Kleinsasser (correct)
Brad: Kyle Rudolph (correct)
Jermichaels: Steve Jordan (incorrect)
Brad (for the win; takes nearly all of the allotted 15 seconds and then pulls out of his a**): Carl Hilton (CORRECT)

1-1 tie

Question 3: In the Lions' winless season in 2008, five QBs threw at least one pass for the team. Name them.

Brad (buzzes in first): Dan Orlovsky (correct)
Jermichaels: Daunte Culpepper (correct)
Brad: (take nearly all 15 seconds): Frank Reich (knew it was wrong almost immediately. Reich was 46 in 2008; INCORRECT)
Jermichaels (for the win): Drew Stanton (correct)

2-1, Jermichaels.

Question 4: Name the running backs drafted by the Vikings since 1992.

Jermichaels (buzz in first): Adrian Peterson (correct)
Brad: Robert Smith (correct)
Jermichaels: Onterrio Smith (correct)
Brad: Michael Bennett (correct)
Jermichaels: Mewelde Moore (correct)
Brad: Toby Gerhart (correct)
Jermichaels (taking nearly all 15 seconds): Moe Williams (correct)
Brad: Lorenzo Booker (INCORRECT)

The Jermichaels win the $100.

{sigh} Oh well, there's always next week.


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