Wednesday, November 30, 2011

When it's Cain, it pours.

Look, even when Herman Cain was racking up victories in various GOP Presidential straw polls, I didn't believe he'd be able to carry the momentum into primary and caucus season.

Unfortunately for Cain, he was derailed by unforeseen circumstances (at least unforeseen by the electorate) related to allegations of sexual harassment from multiple women. While Cain continued to poll well, it just seemed like a matter of time before the bottom would fall out. Personally, I felt the final straw came three weeks ago when Cain's campaign manager Mark Block insisted that one of Cain's accusers, Karen Kraushaar, was the mother of a Josh Kraushaar who worked for Politico, the web site which broke the sexual harassment allegations. One minor flaw --- Block's claim of the two Kraushaars being related was utterly false. To make matters worse, Josh Kraushaar had left Politico in 2010.

So with the latest story of Cain having allegedly carried on a 13-year affair with a Georgia woman, and Cain in turn making a pledge to reassess whether or not to even stay in the race, it almost has a feel of "piling on" at this point. And even if Cain somehow was able to emerge unscathed from the multitude of alleged improprieties, he's never going to escape his cringe-inducing response to a question regarding Libya.

Yes, what was once a seemingly inspirational run for the highest office in the land has quickly turned into a proverbial free fall. What a shame.


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