Monday, November 21, 2011

How NOT to win friends and influence people

Even though the "Occupy" movement has pretty much fallen out of favor with the voting public, they don't seem all that concerned with winning back the support.

From Occupy DC this past Friday:

On Friday, November 18, Occupy DC protesters and other progressive groups will be bringing the message of ‘why we occupy’ to the people of DC. is a website that provides people with an opportunity to write emails to a ‘pen pal’ who is of the top 1%, to voice their frustration about our country’s economic situation.

The protestors' plan was to "occupy the evening commute" by hopping on the DC Subway (The Metro), thus wreaking havoc amongst regular commuters --- people who are in the same group as they are --- THE NINETY NINE PERCENT!!!

Even more asinine is now there's an Occupy Black Friday movement.

Their goal? To “bring the economy to a halt on the one day they won’t be able to ignore us.”

While "Black Friday" is an event that is still a novelty to some consumers, the advent of the internet has made "Cyber Monday" a more practical endeavor. Upon returning to work the Monday after the long Thanksgiving weekend, consumers will work off the turkey hangover by browsing the online shopping sites while on the job. In fact, last year's Cyber Monday made history by becoming the first ever $1 billion online shopping day.

It’s unclear whether Occupy Black Friday will become an official Occupy Wall Street sponsored protest, but the site’s message forums are already calling for such a demonstration, saying that Occupy needs to put an end to “holiday spin doctors” and the “hypnotic messages to spend, spend, spend.” Facebook groups have also sprung up that call on Americans to protest against stores that deprive workers from spending Thanksgiving dinner with their family.

That last sentence pretty much sums up the doltish thought process of the "Occupy" movement. In this case, retail workers should be entitled to not have to work on what is one of the busiest retail days of a calendar year. Yeah, what is this nation coming to when its retail stores have an expectation of their employees (people who, on their own accord, applied to work there) employee stuff?



Gino said...

if occupy wants to take the profit and comercialization out of the Christmas holidays, which would leave just Jesus as the focal point, i'm not gonna stop them.

Brad Carlson said...

Gino, you know as well as I that their motive isn't nearly that noble.

Gino said...

only liberals care about motives.