Friday, November 18, 2011

Connect the dots, people

So some guy fires shots into the White House earlier this week, was arrested Wednesday and received a show of support from "Occupy San Diego." Rumor has it the shooter, Oscar Ortega-Hernandez, was blending in amongst the "Occupy D.C." crowd.

I'll come back to that.

I've always felt the Occupy movement was terribly misguided when they condemned the banks. In fact, the entity which should have been the target of their protests was the entity who took taxpayer funds (i.e. OUR money) and funneled it to said banks in the form of bailouts. That of course would be our U.S. government. In essence, that is the main tenet of the Tea Party, which is protesting government over the reckless spending of our tax dollars.

So is it possible that the Occupy crowd took in the insights of, say, the Tea Party, and realized that the government was taking their money (assuming some of the Occupy crowd pays taxes) to give to Wall St. et al? That would be an awfully convenient narrative for the mainstream media to glob onto, wouldn't it? Now that the Occupy movement is not nearly as popular as it once appeared, the media could gin up a scenario where they've gone the way of the Tea Party crowd by "demonizing government," which would explain the drop in "Occupy's" popularity

Which brings us full circle to the White House shooter. It must've been the "hateful tone" of the Tea Party which drove him to want to fire shots at President Barack Obama.

I wonder if Sarah Palin removed the cross-hair symbols off the map on her PAC website?


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