Friday, May 13, 2011

Box score of the week

Let's go back to a meaningless September 1975 regular season game with my beloved Twins visiting the Chicago White Sox.


The box score I featured is the Major League debut of pitcher Tim Stoddard. "Big deal" you say? Well, Stoddard happens to be the only athlete in history to win an NCAA basketball championship (1974 NC State Wolfpack) and a World Series ring (1983 Baltimore Orioles). Kenny Lofton came close to duplicating that feat, as he appeared in the NCAA basketball Final Four with the the 1988 Arizona Wildcats (who lost to Oklahoma in the National semifinals) as well as playing on two World Series runners-up (1995 Cleveland Indians and 2002 San Francisco Giants). Coincidentally, both Stoddard and Lofton are alumni of East Chicago Washington High School.


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