Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Something to add to my list of accomplishments

So, how many of you have ever criticized a Hall of Fame quarterback which in turn elicited a response from said legend?

{Brad raises his hand}

While browsing Twitter today, I came across a "tweet" posted by one Francis Asbury "Fran" Tarkenton.

It went as follows:

I wonder why the New York Times would call Brett Favre a “serial narcissist?”

The article went on to talk about how the Vikings' issues go much deeper than the botched trade for Randy Moss, more specifically the drama brought on by Favre in his 1-1/2 seasons with the club.

Anyhow, I interpreted Tark's tweet as a rhetorical question, as if he endorsed the description of Favre's personality. It wasn't such a stretch for me to believe such a thing given Fran's scathing criticism of Favre over the past couple of years.

And while I don't disagree that Favre is a narcissist, Fran himself was pretty self-assured in his playing days. As such, I took the liberty of sharing my opinion.

C'mon, Fran. You were pretty egomaniacal as a player.

Would you believe I received a response from Fran himself?

My friend, obviously u didn't know me then & u don't know me now. I have no such tendencies. BTW, I didn't make the statement!

What do you think? A case of "thou protesteth too much?"

Besides, I don't mind if my favorite QBs are egomaniacs. It's pretty tough to carve out a prestigious NFL career unless one has a strong belief in one's own abilities.

Whatever the case, I was honored that one of my childhood heroes even acknowledged my existence!



StarBittrune said...

In a word, That's Incredible!

Mr. D said...

Good for you, Brad! Tommy Kramer had something to say to you, too, but he forget what it was.