Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Quick Hits: Volume XVI

-With a recount of the votes cast in the Minnesota gubernatorial election looming, Mark Dayton holds approximately a 9,000 vote lead over Tom Emmer. Given that margin in less than 0.5%, an automatic recount is in order. As I write this, all indications are that Emmer will forgo the option of conceding and move forward with the recount. Now I have no delusions that a recount will yield the desired result for the Emmer camp. But given the snafu in Hennepin County on election night, which falsely gave Dayton a 60,000 vote cushion, I say move forward. There was an utter lack of transparency by the Minnesota Secretary of State's Office back in the 2008. This time around, you can bet Mark Ritchie et al will have their feet held to the fire.

-With a stirring comeback victory over the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday, the Minnesota Vikings may have saved their season. I remain cautious for the simple reason that the Vikings have not won a road game since November 1 of last season. This Sunday, the Vikings travel to Soldier Field to take on the Chicago Bears, who now feature DE Julius Peppers. You'll recall that it was December of last year when Peppers, then a member of the Carolina Panthers, toyed with Vikings offensive tackle Bryant McKinnie and had QB Brett Favre on the run all night. With Favre even less mobile these days, let's hope the Vikings coaches started their game plan to block Peppers the minute Ryan Longwell's game-winning kick sailed through the uprights.

-I'm not one to wish my life away since nobody is promised tomorrow. But I will not try to make time stand still as November 30th approaches. The significance of that date is that will be my last day at my current job. After about five hours worth of meetings on Monday, if I ever see a mahogany conference room table again, it'll be too soon.


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