Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Quick Hits: Volume XV

-Hey, have you heard? It's Election Day!! I arrived at my polling place at 6:50 this morning to five other cars in the parking lot. However, they all remained in their vehicles to stay warm while I jumped at the opportunity to be first in line! As I left my polling place, there literally was not a parking space to be had! I live in a predominantly conservative district, so the enthusiasm to vote GOP this election is indeed not a fallacy if my area is any indication.

-I've never been a huge critic of Vikings head coach Brad Childress. Granted, I don't put him on par with the greatest Vikings coach ever in Bud Grant, but he's hardly a Les Steckel either. But for those who are outraged over Childress's handling of the Randy Moss situation, it wasn't like this was a new thing for Chilly. In fact, he demonstrated in his first season as head coach how hypersensitive he is to criticism. Now, am I defending Moss and his antics after Sunday's game? Absolutely not. But did the Vikings organization honestly think Moss had become more congenial upon trading away a third round draft choice to acquire him? If so, then Zygi Wilf & Co. got exactly what they deserved for being so foolish.

-My Dad has lived in the San Francisco Bay area for almost forty years now. As such, his allegiance to the NFL's San Francisco 49ers, the NBA's Golden State Warriors and MLB's San Francisco Giants has been an ongoing thing for over three decades. I'm certain he was thrilled last evening when the Giants franchise clinched their first World Series in the 50-plus seasons they've played in that city by the Bay.

Since I last spoke with my Dad four months ago, my sister and her husband divorced, my youngest brother has become involved in a serious relationship and is thinking of adopting the gal's kids and my former stepmother (Dad's second of three wives) was in intensive care for almost a month due to complications from stomach surgery. In that time frame, I had attempted to call or text Dad on several occasions but never heard back. So when I finally do here from him, what is the content of the message? A texted picture of him wearing a Giants cap and jersey.

Yep, our family still puts the "fun" in dysfunctional.


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