Monday, November 15, 2010

It'll be "Chilly" in Minnesota for the rest of the year

With a 3-6 record, the Minnesota Vikings, mathematically, still have a chance to reach the NFL playoffs. But to say it's unlikely the Vikings will reach the postseason is the equivalent of saying it might not reach 80 degrees in Minnesota this December.

Naturally, the Vikings faithful has turned their venom towards head coach Brad Childress. Yes, the cries of "Fire Chilly" have resurfaced with a bullet after an uninspired display in Sunday's 27-13 loss to the Chicago Bears. While I have never been the most staunch defender of Childress, a coaching change in mid-season rarely (if ever) results in a team making a Lazarus type resurrection. And if you believe the Vikings ownership group, Childress is not going anywhere. Nor should he.

Let's look at this with some rational thought, shall we? We're supposed to believe that a 3-6 team like the Vikings can turn it around with merely a coaching change? Let's say, for the sake of argument, Chilly is fired. Does that mean Brett Favre will discover the fountain of youth? Do we also surmise that the defensive line will suddenly put more pressure on the opposing quarterback? Will the defense as a unit promptly become more prolific in forcing turnovers?

The temptation many Vikings fans may have is to look at the 1-7 Dallas Cowboys dismissing head coach Wade Phillips. With newly hired interim coach Jason Garrett at the helm Sunday, Dallas stomped the New York Giants on the road. It's as if the Cowboys had been given a spark by firing their head coach. But again, one game does not a season make. Or two, for that matter. The 2008 St Louis Rams started the season 0-4, resulting in the firing of head coach Scott Linehan. Assistant coach Jim Haslett took over and promptly won the next two games. As a result, the NFL pundits and Rams faithful alike called for Haslett to be given the job permanently.....that is, until St. Louis went on to lose the final ten games of the season.

So like the 2010 Dallas Cowboys and the 2008 St. Louis Rams, the Vikings' issue this season boils down to one simple fact: they just aren't that good. And a change in field boss is not going alleviate that.



Palm boy said...

But do you star TJ instead of Favre?

Brad Carlson said...

If the Vikings lose Sunday, they'll be 3-7, which means any faint hope of postseason aspirations will be gone. So yes, I say go with T-Jack.