Friday, May 09, 2008

It was a nice run!

A photo of my gal and Katie McCollow. Keegan's, September 2006.

I had a feeling this day would come. Nevertheless, I still wasn’t ready for it.

Katie McCollow, proprietor of the uproariously funny Yucky Salad With Bones, is signing off.

So folks, I'm pulling the plug on the Salad. This has been tons of fun, but life has gotten way too busy these days and something has to go. It was either this or Molly, and what can I say? I love the kid.

I started this thing what, about 4 years ago, for no other reason than I thought it would be fun. I never paid any attention to how many hits I got, not because I'm some counterculture goth girl or anything, more due to the fact that other issues were more pressing, like the kitchen was on fire or a kid was hanging off a precarious ledge or something. Oh let's see, the other day I got home from a run to find them all out in the front yard, trying to dislodge an arrow from a second story shutter by heaving various heavy objects at it. Hmm. Nothing like coming home to find the troops throwing rocks and footballs at the windows.

But I wanted to make a formal goodbye, so long and thanks for all the fish. Really, I can't tell you how much I appreciated y'all reading.

Over the past year or so, Katie’s posting had become somewhat sporadic. Usually when I start reading a blog, I rarely check back when there isn’t a post for more than three days. But the ‘Salad’ was on my daily check-in list regardless of the length of time between entries. Whether it was the humorous account of her daughter Molly snorting a Battleship game piece or her hilarious insights on the various Hollywood awards shows, Katie just had that gift.

It is my firm belief that everyone needs a light-hearted diversion from the daily grind that life can sometimes become. For me, “Yucky Salad” was the perfect antidote!

Thanks, Katie!


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