Thursday, May 08, 2008

Hope Wins!

Being a middle school science teacher can be rather harrowing at times. Having worked in this profession for the past fourteen years, I have collected my share of ‘war stories’. Gangs, drugs, pregnancies, criminal behavior of all sorts, apathy, parents who could care less about the amazing kids they have, kids who could care less about the amazing families they have…..I could go on and on.

Thankfully, for every sad story I have many happy ones. The great kids and families are what keep me going despite the challenges. I laugh every day at my student’s antics and they bring me great joy. I don’t post often on my hub’s blog, but this is a joyful story worth sharing.

One of the students in my school was diagnosed with leukemia. She was out of school for several months undergoing chemotherapy. Most people are familiar with the effects of chemotherapy, the most obvious being hair loss. If you remember what middle school was like when you were a kid, then you can understand how difficult it is to be a thirteen year old sickly bald girl.

The cool part is that six of her best friends, three boys and three girls, shaved their heads to keep her company. I love it.


Brad Carlson said...

Whew!!! When I saw the title I immediately thought this was a pro-Obama post.

Seriously though, I'd bet there are many more stories like this but they just don't get much publicity.

Dan S. said...

Nice story, Jennifer (bald is beautiful!). Thanks for sharing it, and it's great to see that you're posting, too.