Monday, May 22, 2006

Kids: A great cure for writer's block.

All the world’s a stage”.
-William Shakespeare

In the motif of Shakespeare, Katie @ “Yucky Salad” would concur that “All the world’s a blog post.”

The latest example is so brilliantly conveyed when Katie gives an account of the recent exploits of her 4-year old daughter.

Molly came running into the bathroom (while I was in there) the other day yelling in a panicky voice that she had to blow her nose. She blew 'n blew n' blew n' blew and then turned to me and shrieked, "Mommy it won't come out!"

I tilted her head back and sure enough, there was something in there...I closed her other nostril and barked "BLOW" and out flew a piece from the game "Battleship".

Why? Why?

I'll tell you why, it's simple really:

A) She's four

B) She had a small object in her possession and an empty hole in her face.

Speaking of something flying out of one’s nose, I happened to be drinking a cup of water when I read that particular excerpt.

Suffice it to say I then had to take a squeegee to my monitor.

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