Thursday, May 11, 2006

Code Blue.

The film “The Da Vinci Code” is set to debut in theaters soon. With that come vigorous protests.

The Greek Orthodox church reportedly criticized the best selling "Da Vinci Code" thriller, the film of which comes out in the coming days, as offensive and mistaken.

The semi-official Ana news agency said that a leaflet to be distributed to churchgoers at all Orthodox churches next Sunday states "From a religious and historical point of view the content of the book is wholly false."

"The work attacks and undermines in a treacherous manner religious knowledge," said the leaflet, produced by the church's supreme body, the holy synod.

The thesis of the book, which has sold millions of copies, is that Jesus Christ married, and had a child by, Mary Magadalene.

Thus continues the double standard in Hollywood. There was no hesitation in making a movie that skewers the life of Christ. After all, the entertainment industry didn’t anticipate the kind of retribution like they feared would occur with mocking the Islamic prophet Mohammed. Who cares if a few “Jesus freaks” get all in a twist, right?

A cable station like Comedy Central will allow their show “South Park” to air an episode of Jesus Christ defecating on President Bush and the American flag. And during Holy Week, no less. Yet if that very same show entertains a thought of merely showing an image of Mohammed, it’s censorship city.

The Orthodox church, to which 97 percent of Greeks belong, "does not call on people either to see or not to see the film, or to read or not to read the book ... but it is sure that those who do will see the lies and reject its ridiculous content."

That’s a far cry from violent mobs burning things in the street.

UPDATE: Actor Tom Hanks hits back at the "Da Vinci" critics.


Leo Pusateri said...

That's the whole thing...

I would suspect if Catholics took to the streets and started burning cars, the MSM would have probably put them in the same esteem as they do Muslim faithful.

But since their sensibilities and faith predelictions prevent Catholics from performing similar acts, it's open season on them.

I guess it's akin to picking on a weakling in the playground, and leaving the bullies alone.

Brad Carlson said...

"I guess it's akin to picking on a weakling in the playground, and leaving the bullies alone. "

You know that, Leo, and I know that.

However, the Hollywood folks can't even be honest about why they don't mock Muslim extremists or radical Islam. They say it's because they respect all religions. In reality, they fear retribution for such offenses like skewering the prophet Mohammed. For that, I can't even criticize them. Just quit being such phonies about it.