Wednesday, May 24, 2006

C'mon home, Jason!!

Minnesota's “Mr. Right” is returning!!

Jason (Lewis) opened his show on Tuesday, May 23rd, with the sad news that he and his family are going home to Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Well, sad news for Charlotte, NC anyways.

"...I guess it was a Biblical passage that said 'this too shall pass'." Jason started. "I've got an announcement today that is very difficult to utter...but I've reached the decision with my family that it's time to go home." Jason stressed that his decision was a personal one, and is not related to any perceived pressure from elected officials or station management. Jason will continue to work through the end of his contract, which ends in October, or until WBT management can identify the new host.

There was a story in the Star Tribune yesterday which indicated Jason will be working for Clear Channel at the new FM Talk Station, 100.3 KTLK. He was also seen looking for a home in the Woodbury area recently.

Welcome back, Jason!


Badda-Blogger said...

I suspect this means Bob Davis will have some stiff competition now. As much as I like listening to Bob, Jason trumps him.

The only other spot for him is post-Soucheray... and wouldn't that be poetic justice to see Lewis bump Lambert. ;)

D.N.H. said...

It will be nice to have Jason back.