Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Protest Warrior redux.

I remember the first time I heard Kfir Alfia. It was February 2003 when I was driving to lunch and had Rush Limbaugh’s show on the radio. Over that previous weekend a couple of young guys infiltrated a communist rally an anti-war rally in the streets of San Francisco. The lefties were armed with their empty rhetoric (i.e. “War has never solved anything”, “Say NO to war”, etc.) and took to the streets to protest the anticipated war in Iraq.

A conservative living in San Francisco at the time, Kfir was the proverbial fish out of water. Everyday he would drive home from work he would see these slogans parroted by the anti-war crowd. Kfir would chuckle at the things he saw. “Wait a minute”, he thought. “Didn’t war effectively end terrible, oppressive things like slavery, communism, fascism, etc.?”

At that moment, Kfir had an idea. He and three of his conservative buddies decided to put these parody slogans on poster board and walk amongst the protesters.

The result? The left had the extreme nature of their ideology thrown back into their face and didn’t know how to handle it.

The following week was when Kfir called into Rush’s show to share the anecdotes of that weekend infiltration. The stories were such a hit with Rush that he asked Kfir to e-mail the photographs of the festivities. The pictures appeared on the Rush Limbaugh web site that day, and Protest Warrior was born. In the four years since, PW has expanded into all fifty states and even a few foreign countries.

To summarize: In the past four years, Kfir Alfia has appeared on such venues as The Rush Limbaugh Show, The Savage Nation, The Dennis Prager Show, Air America, the highly rated AM 1500 show “The Straight Scoop” and Fox News. Not to mention the fact there’s now a DVD anthology and a brand new book.

And as if he wasn’t already living the charmed life, I read this in an e-mail he sent today:

I recently asked the woman who inspired me to start ProtestWarrior to marry me, and luckily she agreed.

I'm off to Italy to get married and won't be back till mid June.

Congrats, Kfir & Jenny!!

We hope to see you and other PWs next year in St Paul for the GOP convention. Rumor has it there might be a few leftist protesters there.


Anonymous said...

The belly girl, SWEET!

Doug said...

Protest warrior... One big stinking load of Strawman. The protesters protesting the war in Iraq are protesting a specific war yet what do the dunces at Protest Warrior put on their sign? "war has never solved anything".

You will buy anything won't you?

Brad Carlson said...

The protesters protesting the war in Iraq are protesting a specific war...

I guess you haven’t been to an anti-war rally lately. The ones I’ve been to over the past few years have been speaking out against not only Iraq but also Afghanistan and Bosnia. That’s right, they were throwing your guy Clinton under the bus for the Balkans.

Leo Pusateri said...

And on we march, Brad.. :)

StarBittrune said...

Doug definitely hasn't been to many anti-war protests. Several of those attended (crashed) by ProtestWarrior were purportedly against the Iraq war but featured huge banners calling for an end to the "occupation of Palestine." (Which, last I checked, was not in Iraq.)

Anonymous said...

Leo, how many PWs will be in St. Paul in Sept. 2008 for the Republican Convention?