Thursday, May 10, 2007

And isn't it ironic....dontcha think?

You could cut the awkwardness with a knife.

At 4:40 every weekday afternoon, Star Tribune columnist Patrick Reusse appears on AM 1500’s Garage Logic for a 15-minute sports update. On Thursday, while discussing Dale Earnhardt, Jr. leaving his father’s racing team, the conversation switched to Dale Sr.

As Reusse’s segment wrapped up, GL host Joe Soucheray asked if Dale Sr. was widowed and then married his much younger wife. Reusse said something to the effect that Eanrhardt Sr. was the typical famous guy who dumps his first wife after making it big and then hooks up with a much younger woman. As Reusse ended his report with that remark, Soucheray said “I’ll talk to you later” and then, as usual, went straight to the weather segment. “Here now is Dave Dahl in the Channel 5 weather center.” I could tell Dahl was more tranquil than normal and I think I understood why. Dave himself divorced his first wife and married a younger woman a number of years ago. If that wasn’t enough, he then turned the trick again by marrying a much younger woman after his second divorce.

I don’t know if Reusse intended his remark to be a cut at Dave Dahl. But you have to chuckle at the irony.



hammerswing75 said...

That's pretty good. If you're Dave Dahl that's the price you pay for always having a young wife. Tiny violin and all that.

StarBittrune said...

I didn't know Dave was divorced twice. Was the second divorce just in past two years or so?

Brad Carlson said...

My mom actually worked with Dave Dahl's second wife, Kathy, at 3M about 15 years ago. Mom told me that they've been divorced since about 1998-99 time frame.

Incidentally, Kathy Dahl left 3M and made millions on her own.

Then last year Ivana Trump hosted her own version of "The Bachelorette" with a failed venture called "Ivana Young Man". The Bachelorette in that series? Kathy Dahl!!

jroosh said...

He's a weatherman. He's not expected to get it right the first...or second...or third time.

jackscrow said...

One of the best t-shirts I've seen is one with Sr's face on a #3, but on the back it said "He died for your party."

Anonymous said...

I work at a clothing store on the east side of the Twin Cities. Dave, his wife, and his son came in today and his wife is a BITCH. Seriously bitchy. I didn't know who either of them were until a coworker told me. His little boy is a little terror.

Anonymous said...

Do all of you have such boring lives that you have nothing better to do than to cut down someone that is obviously successfull, jealeous much anyone? Leave the guy alone, everyone has skeltons in the closet!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Bleeding Heart Anonymous needs to learn how to spell.
Less sympathy ... More studying.
Dave is an arrogant ***