Saturday, May 12, 2007

No lid on Sid's ineptitude.

Coming into this afternoon’s game against the Detroit Tigers, Twins pitcher Sidney Ponson in 33 2/3 innings had allowed 48 hits, 15 walks and 3 hit batters. That’s 66 base runners allowed in just over 33 innings, an average of almost two base runners per inning.

Today? Ponson allowed 6 hits and 2 walks. So that’s eight more base runners in four innings of work.

Another “average” outing for Sid.

Prediction: Ponson does not see June with this club.



Anonymous said...

After this fiasco if "Sir Sid" is not on a boat, plane, donkey or something out of minneapolis and away from the Twins,then "His lordship Gardenhire does need counseling....that Ponson is menace and is not really fit for professional baseball...surprised he found first base and surprised that he was not the one to break Justin's goodbye (hopefully forever)

W.B. Picklesworth said...

Looks like you called this one.

Brad Carlson said...

I'll admit, it wasn't like I was going out on a limb.