Friday, June 24, 2005

My dream opportunity

I don't know the statistics, but I would say very few people in life ever get an opportunity to fulfill a childhood dream.

As a kid, I rebuffed all suggestions that kids want to grow up to be an athlete, policeman, fireman, etc. Since I was roughly 9-years old, all I ever wanted to do is.....TALK. As in broadcasting! I was the kid who did mock baseball and football broadcasts on a cassette tape recorder (revolutionary in 1978). I would turn down the sound on the TV and do my own interpretation of an athletic event. As time marched on, I broadened my horizons to the political and social issues of our time. I always thought I was a Democrat until 1992 when I heard Conservative icon Rush Limbaugh for the first time. I realized what was inside me, and finally someone helped me find the words to convey it! Since my Dad and paternal Grandmother were (and still are) staunch liberal Democrats, I had to constantly go over in my mind the vital facts that make the Conservative ideals superior to Liberalism. Hence, I began to verbalize those thoughts. Until I became more adept at articulating my arguments to others, I basically talked to myself. That is precisely why I felt talk radio was the venue for me.

Then how come I wound up with an Accounting career? A little apprehensive about taking chances, I guess. Why not get an Accounting degree? Everyone could use a good Accountant, right? I mean, how does one normally break into the broadcasting business? Through broadcasting school? Knowing someone in the business? Yes, I rationalized every conceivable way as to why I wasn't more aggressive in pursuing broadcasting.

My dream shot came through a venue entitled "The Next Big Thing". Beginning in March 2005, Twin Cities' station AM 1500 KSTP offered complete amateurs an opportunity to host a two-hour talk radio show. KSTP requires one to send in an audition of a mock talk show. If it shows promise, you get the 2-4 PM Sunday slot one time. My good friend, Greg Bittner, and I sent in a audition tape which did indeed show promise.

We got our opportunity on June 19 to "show our stuff". While our respective families thought we were great (no bias there), I am still awaiting an independent critique from local blogger Speed Gibson. Regardless of the feedback, I received an opportunity to do something I have always wanted to do. Even had it been an abysmal failure, I gave it a try.

To quote legendary NBA player Michael Jordan, "I can't accept not trying."



Marty said...

Congratulations, you got an "A" from Speedy, which is a big deal. tony and I got a "C" which he later boosted up to a B- when I got to meet Speedy at the MOB event in St. Cloud (I don't think physical intimidation played a part, but...)

R-Five said...

We in the International Secret Police fear no one!

Marty just had the bad luck of being an early contestant, before I had much of an idea what to expect, hence the later revision.

I'm hoping Joe O'Brien (there's a rumor he might be leaving) will start a second round, which should definitely include both Marty's and Brad's teams.