Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Hindsight is 20/20.

I knew I should’ve gotten this on the record.

When the Major League Baseball trading deadline came and went on July 31, I was a little disappointed my Minnesota Twins didn’t make a move. With Brad Radke hurting, I figured the Twins could use an extra starting pitcher just in case.

My recommendation was 11-year vet Jon Lieber of the Philadelphia Phillies. I figured with his mediocre record (4-7, 5.52 ERA) as well as exorbitant $7.5 million salary, the Phils would be willing to unload him for virtually nothing. Besides, he has won 122 games in his big league career with a fairly decent 4.24 ERA. You don’t average 11 wins per season for over ten years if you don’t have some ability.

My regrets over the Twins inactivity were further enhanced that very evening of July 31st. That is when it was announced that rookie pitching phenom Francisco Liriano was experiencing arm pain.

Thankfully, the Twins have managed to hang in there and are only ½ game out of the AL wild card race.

Oh, and for those who ridiculed my suggestion of trading for Lieber?

He’s 2-1 with a 1.76 ERA since July 31st.

Apologies accepted.

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D.N.H. said...

Brad Radke will retire a Minnesota Twin. That may mean this is his last year. It is importain to have a player like Brad on your team.

Yes he has struggled this year but he is holding his own as well. Brad shows real leadership on the Twins.