Saturday, August 05, 2006

The Delusion of the Rob.

Given the haughty nature of today’s Hollywood elites, you had to expect the incredible backlash against actor Mel Gibson amid his recent controversial remarks. Upon learning of the despicable comments made by Gibson after his DUI arrest last weekend, I certainly can’t blame the Jews in the entertainment industry for taking offense.

If accomplished Jewish directors such as Steven Spielberg and Woody Allen declared they would sever all ties with Gibson in the movie business, people would definitely stand up and take notice.

But when some insignificant weasel like Rob Schneider speaks out, does anyone honestly care?

Schneider took out an ad in Hollywood trade paper Variety slamming (Gibson) for his behavior in "An Open Letter to the Hollywood Community." The ad appeared yesterday and said, "I, Rob Schneider, a 1/2 Jew, pledge from this day forth to never work with Mel Gibson-actor-director-producer-and anti-Semite." Schneider then went on to say even if he were offered the lead role in Passion Of The Christ 2 or a "juicy voice-over role in his new flick Apocalypto and spoke ancient Mayan" he would still turn them down.

Granted, Schneider has just as much right as the next Hollywood bit-player to express his outrage. However, is this really even an issue?

Mel Gibson was producer/director of the 1995 film “Braveheart”, a story of a great 13th century warrior looking to liberate the Scots. When looking for actors to fill roles as mighty warriors, I doubt very much Gibson ever considered “Orgasm Guy”, a part Schneider played on “Saturday Night Live.”

And when casting began for “The Passion of the Christ”, I have a sneaking suspicion that “Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo” was not in the running for a role as one of the twelve disciples.

You may only be 50% Jewish, Rob.

But you’re 100% delusional.

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