Friday, January 25, 2019

Quick Hits: Volume CLXXXI

- I've said many a time in this space that I'm not a fan of President Trump labeling media outlets the "enemy of the people." I also don't join in on any schadenfreude when the media industry in general suffers mass layoffs.

With all that said, it's becoming increasingly difficult to defend certain publications when they engage in blatant attempts to validate leftist narratives.

And they wonder why people (uncharitably, to be sure) cheer layoffs in the media. A reporter from the New York Times went on Twitter yesterday afternoon and asked millennials to help him write a story that would, ahem, #ExposeChristianSchools. This project launched just days after the NYT the rest of the national media shredded their credibility in covering what happened to a group of Catholic-school teenagers.

Gee, I wonder how the paper got its Covington Catholic High School reporting so wrong?

There is a growing hostility towards Christianity in this country, especially in light of a devout evangelical serving as Vice President of the United States. That wouldn't be nearly as alarming if the increasing acrimony lied solely within the media. Unfortunately there are actual elected officials (looking at you Sens. Sanders, Feinstein, Harris and Hirono) joining in on the melee.

It's never been more imperative than the present for Christ followers to stand in the gap.

- Let's go now to audio footage of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell weighing in on the egregious non-calls of pass interference and unnecessary roughness late in last Sunday's NFC Championship Game ====> **audio**

- The Infant Death Penalty Reproductive Health Act passed by legislators in New York and subsequently signed into law by Gov. Andrew Cuomo is literally abortion on demand. The pro "choice" crowd can spin it any way they want, but it is absolutely abortion made legal right up until a woman is about to give birth.

Given this ghoulish new law, one would surmise that it would be impossible to find a proverbial silver lining. Somehow Allie Stuckey (aka The Conservative Millennial) may have done so.

The outrage in the wake of the law from pro-lifers, both conservative and moderate, is palpable. It’s also encouraging. Christian influencers who otherwise are generally quiet on politics have spoken up about the importance of protecting unborn life. I’ve received at least a hundred messages from young women telling me how heartbroken and inspired they are to volunteer and donate to their local pregnancy center. Praise God.

I think—and hope—that this act has shown otherwise ambivalent people exactly what the aim of the pro-choice movement has always been: abortion on-demand without apology through all nine months. Most people, whether the left likes it or not, just aren’t on board with that.

Indeed. But now more than ever it's vital that we tout our cause. In my opinion, supporting organizations like Live Action and Save the Storks are great places to start.


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