Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Quick Hits: Volume CLII

Closed circuit to Little Lord Fauntleroy Gov. Mark Dayton: we don't live in a monarchy and you're not a supreme ruler.

Gov. Mark Dayton violated the Minnesota Constitution when he vetoed funding for the Minnesota House and Senate this year, a Ramsey County judge ruled Wednesday.

“As a result of violating the Separation of Powers clause of the Minnesota Constitution, the governor’s line-item vetoes are unconstitutional, null and void,” Judge John Guthmann wrote.

He ordered the Legislature’s funding restored, but the final decision will be made by the Minnesota Supreme Court. Dayton said Wednesday that he’ll appeal Guthmann’s ruling.

In fairness to Dayton, he had nothing to lose. He doesn't have to face voters again, so enacting a "kitchen sink" strategy when not everything goes your way in a budget session, while petulant, will not damage him politically.

By the way, my friend Harry Niska called this nearly two months ago.

Governor Dayton's line-item veto of the entire budget for the Legislature is a blatant violation of the constitutional principle of separation of powers. In fact, this is the quintessential example a law professor could use to demonstrate the concept: one branch cannot eliminate another branch simply because it disagrees with the decisions of that branch.

This is why I'm running. The Attorney General must be someone who defends the Constitution, not someone who revels in the unconstitutional actions taken by their allies. We need an Attorney General who enforces and upholds the law for all Minnesotans.

Speaking of Harry for MN AG (nice segue, huh?), check out his site here.

- Given what we know about the officer involved shooting this past Saturday in Minneapolis, there are many aspects which don't pass the proverbial smell test. But as with all incidents such as this, I am willing to let this investigation play out.

I will say one thing though. If you're of the belief that the shooting was an act rooted in terrorism simply due to the fact the police officer is of Somali descent and the victim was a white woman, I'd strongly advise that you not verbalize that utterly asinine (not to mention baseless) assumption in any forum.

- Sad news regarding Arizona's senior U.S. Senator.

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) has been diagnosed with a brain tumor, his office said Wednesday, throwing into doubt when and if he will return to Washington to resume his duties in the Senate.

The Mayo Clinic said doctors discovered a tumor called a glioblastoma following surgery to remove a blood clot above McCain’s left eye last week. The senator and his family are considering a variety of treatment options, including a combination of chemotherapy and radiation, according to the hospital.

McCain, 80 has been away from the Senate this week, recovering from the surgery and undergoing tests. His office issued a statement describing him “in good spirits” and noting that his underlying health is excellent — but not indicating when he will return to the Senate.

McCain's daughter Meghan conveyed a very poignant statement via Twitter.

While I may never have been in 100% alignment with Sen. McCain's politics, I have never doubted his love for America. The suffering he endured in Vietnam is perhaps the most high profile example of his willingness to put his country first. McCain has always been quick to eschew the "hero" label, but the fact is there are very few people alive today who have done more in service to the U.S.A.

My thoughts and prayers will definitely be with Sen. McCain and his family.


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