Thursday, October 20, 2016


Last April, ESPN debuted the 30 for 30 documentary Believeland, which detailed much of the heart-break endured by fans of the professional sports teams in Cleveland. Up to that point, Cleveland was the only American city which had at least three of the four major sports franchises (NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL) but had not won a championship in the previous 50 years.

Two months after the premiere of Believeland, the Cleveland Cavaliers won the NBA title. Then a few months after that, the Cleveland Indians clinched a berth in the World Series for only the third time in the past sixty years.

Since the city of Minneapolis now has the longest active championship drought of 25 years, I say some aspiring Twin Cities filmmaker should put together a similar self-loathing documentary about the gut-punch losses suffered by our NFL, MLB and NBA franchises during that time (Chill, NHL fans. The Wild plays in St. Paul).

Such bemoaning certainly seemed to be the catalyst for Cleveland's fortunes taking a positive turn.


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