Saturday, October 22, 2016

Accidental moment of coherence

I don't follow much network TV programming but I've grown to enjoy the CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory via reruns on TBS. It's a show about four adult super nerds (comprised of physicists and engineers) and their attempts to assimilate to everyday life.

One episode in particular involved aerospace engineer Howard needing FBI security clearance in order to work on a project involving the U.S. Dept. of Defense. One of his colleagues, Sheldon, was interviewed by FBI Special Agent Angela Page and let it slip that Howard crashed the Mars Rover (while trying to impress a woman no less) and subsequently covered up the incident. As such, Howard was denied his security clearance. 

Upon being awash in massive guilt over his gaffe, Sheldon attempted to make amends with the FBI agent who interviewed him.

Sheldon: Thank you for agreeing to see me, Agent Page.

Page: Thank you for filing a complaint with my superior, Dr. Cooper. I understand you want to recant your statement about Howard Wolowitz.

Sheldon: Yes.

Page: Was your statement untrue?

Sheldon: No.

Page: Then I’m afraid you can’t withdraw it.

Sheldon: I’m sorry. I don’t recall you saying no backsies.

It's analogous to the aftermath of when Minnesota governor Mark Dayton said the Affordable Care Act is "no longer affordable."

Sorry Little Lord Fauntleroy Gov. Dayton, but we've essentially said "no backsies." Republicans at the state and national levels have been decrying this unsustainable law since day one and have offered numerous fixes and replacements. All have been rebuffed. You especially bear a significant responsibility with your myriad condescending statements and dismissals whenever the GOP presented alternatives.

So while we appreciate the sound bite that can be used against your Democrat colleagues, your statement on the ACA no longer being affordable is more of a confirmation than a revelation.


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