Friday, October 07, 2016


While I haven't heard the audio of Donald Trump's vile comments regarding (let's call it what it really is) sexual assault, I've read transcripts. I can't defend him. I won't defend him. And whatever scintilla of a chance he had to be elected President of the United States has vaporized. I honestly don't know how he could possibly even show up for Sunday's presidential debate.

Naturally there will be a scant few Trump apologists who will not back down and thus continue to point out how Hillary Clinton and her supporters have no moral authority to be outraged given her husband's dalliances as Commander in Chief. Sorry, that ain't gonna fly. Yes, I realize the folks on the political left are flaming hypocrites on this stuff. But you had prominent political pundits on the right forewarning that a Trump candidacy would come to this. What's scary is there are rumors floating around that there are even more damning stories to be released. 

So what happens from here? I honestly don't know. Even if Trump drops out voluntarily or is convinced to drop out, there's no way a replacement GOP candidate can win. However, Trump's toxic presence would no longer impede the Republicans' chances to hang on to the U.S. Senate majority, which was going to be no easy task regardless of who was atop the ticket. 

Prominent Republican politicians such as House Speaker Paul Ryan, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Senator Marco Rubio and Wisconsin governor Scott Walker, just to name a few, have swiftly condemned Trump. Ryan even uninvited Trump from a GOP unity event set to take place in Wisconsin this weekend. 

It's your move, Republican National Committee.


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