Sunday, April 12, 2015

No thrill for Hill.

Hispanic immigrant business owners. Single mom. Stay-at-home mom returning to the workforce. Gay male couple. Gay female couple. Expectant parents. Aspiring retiree. Interracial couple. College-aged female.

Yep, Hillary Clinton attempted to pander to all of those voter groups in her video announcing she will run for President in 2016. After all, she's can totally relate to them.

Just ask her. She'll tell ya.

To have zero substantive accomplishments as First Lady and U.S. Senator, bungled the Benghazi tragedy while in her role as Secretary of State and basically dodged all inquiries regarding email improprieties while in the State Department proves that she doesn't lack for arrogance.

Also, aren't the Democrats usually touting themselves as the party of young idealists? While I think it would be unwise for Republicans to bash Mrs. Clinton over her age, I do find it amusing how some Dem strategists are wagging their fingers at detractors who are doing that very thing. I wonder how many of those sanctimonious leftists dinged GOP nominee John McCain over the fact he was 72-years old when he ran in 2008 (Clinton will be 69 when Election Day 2016 rolls around). Anyhow, there are so many substantive issues which can be used against Clinton that the right shouldn't have to resort to such a narrative.

Oh, and have you seen the official Clinton for President logo?

Seriously, Mrs. Clinton has likely been plotting a presidential run for at least a few years and that's the best her campaign could do?

Not to mention that such a bland symbol is ripe for parody in the age of the internet. 

It's pretty obvious that some leftists aren't all that enthusiastic for a Hillary Clinton candidacy either. Why do you think there's borderline badgering of a socialistic first-term Senator from Massachusetts, a gaffe-tastic sitting Vice President and former no-name governor of Maryland to jump in to the race for the Democrat nominee?

So.......ready for Hillary? I don't know that even a large majority of Dem supporters can answer in the affirmative.


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