Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Happy "Lack of Self-Awareness Day"

You wanna know what is perhaps the most intolerant religion in America? Well, if you believe American leftists and their mainstream media cohorts, it's Christianity. But no, the most intolerant religion is indeed "environmentalism." Never is that more evident than on "Earth Day."

The problem with enviro whackos is they forbid anyone to question the veracity of "global warming" or "climate change" with merely common sense inquiries. For instance, if indeed the earth has been in existence for 4-5 billion years, how can we proclaim that "science is settled" when we only have a century worth of data? Alas, such inquiries are often met with "Shut Up," they explained.

But what continues to amaze me is the fear mongering and apocalyptic declarations of the likes of Al Gore, Robert Kennedy, Jr. and President Barack Obama. All three at one point or another have essentially said the planet is nearly at a point of no return if we don't rein in the carbon use. Yet these same individuals will think nothing of hopping on a luxury jet to lecture us about controlling our "carbon footprint" yet will use 10 times the fuel in one trip than most Americans will use in an entire year.

You know what would really make an impact? If the likes of Gore and Kennedy followed the example of actor Ed Begley, Jr. Begley, one of Hollywood's more renown environmentalists, is said to have been a vegan for many years and has been known to ride a bicycle as much as he can. But when further distances are required, Begley drives his 2003 Toyota RAV4 EV electric-powered vehicle. He also lives in a modest 1,500 square foot home which derives its energy primarily from solar power. Regardless what you think of Gore, he has the ear of a lot of Americans when discussing the environment. Don't you think his cataclysmic rhetoric would have tons more credibility if he followed Begley's example?

Gore usually answers such inquiries with the claim that he's "carbon neutral," which means he purchases "carbon offsets" in the equivalent amount that is reduced elsewhere on the planet. I wonder how much he's invested in "hypocrisy offsets."


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