Friday, April 03, 2015

Harry Reid: Liar and proud of it

When a sitting U.S. Senate Majority Leader essentially accuses a presidential candidate of committing a felony which is later proven false, you would assume there'd be an outcry for legal action against said accuser. Ah, but when this aforementioned leader looks like a crypt keeper and sounds as though he just received a swift kick square in the 'nads, perhaps it's just too darn difficult to take him seriously.

Anyhow, if bald-faced lying is even a small contributing factor in a desired outcome, it's all good.

Harry Reid said he has no regrets for polarizing the Senate, attacking the Koch brothers, and falsely accusing Mitt Romney of not paying taxes.

Republicans have criticized Reid, who recently announced that he would not seek re-election in 2016, for hostile tactics that soured the environment on Capitol Hill.

The Senate minority leader dismissed claims that he is the problem with Washington and said he his proud of taking on the Koch brothers when no one else would.

Reid appeared to take some joy of being a part of the Democrat machine that took down Romney in 2012.

“Let him prove that he has paid taxes, because he hasn’t,” Reid said on the Senate floor without any evidence to back his accusations.

When asked about his comments by CNN’s Dana Bash, Reid never rejected the notion his words were “McCarthyite” in nature. He admitted no wrongdoing.

“Well, they can call it whatever they want,” Reid said. “Romney didn’t win, did he?”

Reid’s approach of the ends justifying the means is sure to upset many and is likely to further propel Reid’s reputation of being a dirty politician.

After writing my own political eulogy for Reid last week, I figured it would be a while before I'd feel the urge to opine on him again. But this CNN interview gives us yet another example of what a disgraceful leader Reid has been. While President Obama often chided Congress (specifically House Republicans) for not getting things done, it was Reid who obstructed House GOP-passed legislation from even being broached in the Senate. The thinking was Reid looked to perpetuate Obama's narrative of Republicans being good-for-nothing, thus possibly preventing the U.S. Senate from slipping out of Dem hands in 2014. It didn't work, so Reid is now pretty much persona non grata.

Don't think for one second there aren't at least a handful of Democrat senators who will be counting down the days over the next 22 months.


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