Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Priorities or something

With President Barack Obama choosing to act unilaterally in such matters as immigration, climate change, etc., House Republicans chose legal recourse to hold the Chief Executive to that whole "Separation of Powers" thingy.

Lead Democrat in the House, Nancy Pelosi, responded via Twitter.

A total of $350,000 (the total amount the Republicans have authorized for the lawsuit) to ensure the leader of the free world isn't usurping his authority? Personally, I have no issue with my tax dollars being spent to hold a rogue government official to the U.S. Constitution, a document which the President has vowed to uphold.

What's most hilarious about Pelosi's tweet is she has never said boo about the excessive costs of the government takeover of our health insurance, the countless millions sunk into failed green energy initiatives or the hundreds of millions spent on "economic stimulus" that has done little to revive the economy. Yet we're supposed to be outraged (OUTRAGED) that our tax dollars are being spent to uphold the Constitution while nary a word is to be uttered when nearly the same amount of money is spent over a two year period on oil paintings of obscure government officials.

Nice to know where Pelosi's priorities lie.


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Gino said...

just tweet how much per hour her plane trips cost the taxpayer and she'll shut up.