Monday, August 11, 2014

Box Score of the Week

Kansas City Royals at Chicago White Sox - September 19, 2002


In one of the more bizarre incidents in MLB history, two fans (a father and son of all things) stormed on to the field and ambushed Royals first base coach Tom Gamboa, kicking and punching him after knocking him to the ground. As the first base umpire and White Sox first baseman froze in disbelief, the visiting Royals came rushing out of the first base dugout and subdued these two thugs until security arrived. 

In retrospect, perhaps the most just punishment for those two morons would have been to allow the Royals players to keep pummeling them.



Mr. D said...

I haven't taken a shot at one of these in a while — Chuck Knoblauch's last major league game?

Brad said...

Great guess, Mark. Knoblauch's final MLB game actually occurred 9/27/02, a mere eight days later.