Sunday, August 10, 2014

Let's cure it 'cause we're running out of time.....

It's a mere two days before primary elections in Minnesota, so a lot to get to on The Closer. As usual, I will take to the airwaves from 1:00 until 3:00 pm Central Time.

Right at 1:00, I'll be joined by Kevin Kasel, who is one of the GOP candidates for State House in HD 30B (Wright County). This is the district currently represented by David FitzSimmons, who chose not to seek reelection after it was apparent he would not be the Republican endorsed candidate earlier this year. Eric Lucero, who ended up being endorsed by the 30B Republican delegates, was also invited to appear today but he declined.

Then at 2:00 pm, I will be joined by Scott Honour, one of the four Republican gubernatorial candidates appearing on the primary ballot.

In the non-guest segments, I'll likely discuss the Star Tribune endorsement of GOP candidates and how much they matter (if at all). I will also likely weigh in on the scathing criticism heaped upon the owners of Stillwater's Oasis Cafe in light of choosing to assess a 35 cent "minimum wage fee" on each customer check.

So please give me call at (651) 289-4488 if you'd like to discuss any of the topics I plan on addressing. You can also text comments/questions to (651) 243-0390.

You can listen live in the Twin Cities at AM 1280 on your radio dial. In and out of the Minneapolis-St Paul area, you can listen to the program on the Internet by clicking this link, or check us out via iheart radio

Even though I have a face for radio, there is a UStream channel where you can watch the broadcast, if you so desire. Check it out here.  

And if you're so inclined, follow along on Twitter at #narn or "Like" our Facebook page.

Until then.....


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