Thursday, July 31, 2014

Mr. Right takes flight

I saw a blurb or two on Twitter about a popular radio host quitting his job in the middle of his show Thursday evening. I thought perhaps we were being had. I guess not.

(Thursday) at 6:24pm (CST) Jason Lewis, Host of the Nationally Syndicated “Jason Lewis Show” and co-founder of walked off his show and is GOING GALT. Like many others (Leaders & Companies) he is no longer satisfied having what he produces confiscated through taxes and being dictated through regulation. His departure adds to the ever-growing list of Leaders and Companies that have finally had enough and are determined to find a new way of doing business that accomplishes their goals without compromising their own freedoms and beliefs.

In his departure, Jason Lewis left a short 15 minute parody of what it is like working in a highly regulated industry and some of the events that led to his decision. Lewis who has long complained about the heavy hand of government is apparently living up to his word and is “Going Galt” - a phrase derived from the iconic Ayn Rand novel "Atlas Shrugged." In the book, the “producers” or “men of the minds” - as the famed author put it - decide to go out on “strike” as a protest against those who would attack them politically.

Lewis, a long-time advocate against the high levels of taxation now says he too has had enough and will focus his efforts, and place his commentary, on a start-up business he co-founded named, suitably enough, GALT.IO. This way, says the talk host, he'll be able to do as much work as desired, but more importantly just enough to keep the taxman at bay - and no more. Lewis cited President Obama's "You didn't build that" phrase and responded to those who endlessly seek to redistribute wealth, "Well, you can build it yourselves now..."

We are extremely excited to have Jason pouring his considerable talent and efforts directly into building We are more confident than ever that men (and women) “of the minds” will be seeking the refuge that provides to reorganize and reemerge with a plan to take back our country and the technology to make it effective.

While I enjoyed listening to Lewis from the late '90s up until he left the Twin Cities market (he had been at the old "Talk Station" AM 1500 KSTP, now the local ESPN affiliate, from 1993-2003) for Charlotte, NC, I admittedly didn't pay much attention to the evening drive time show he hosted upon his celebrated return to Minnesota, where he has been since the summer of 2006. I maybe checked in every once in a while, but it just didn't feel the same. As time went on, it became obvious to me and others that he had merely become a high profile shill for Ron Paul.

One rumor I had heard some time ago was that the Twin Cities Clear Channel affiliate was ready to part ways with Lewis around 2008-09 due to his exorbitant salary. The radio biz was definitely evolving into something that couldn't endure such highly paid talent. However, Lewis's program went national around that time (aided by his guest hosting appearances on Rush Limbaugh's show), allowing the local Clear Channel station to syndicate his program, which is a far less expensive endeavor than employing Lewis directly.

In the end, I don't believe this was as spontaneous a move as people are making it out to be. Lewis I'm certain has seen over the past several years that the broadcast industry held no meaningful future for him. Besides, at 58 years old, Lewis had been a huge success for long enough that I wouldn't be shocked if he's built up a decent sized nest egg, thus transitioning into semi retirement. Again, that's mere speculation on my part.

I guess the big question now is what becomes of the 5-8 pm CST slot on Twin Cities News Talk? But even a more relevant question would be does it even matter at this point in the game?


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Mr. D said...

I think you're reading this correctly. I listened to Lewis a lot in his first stint here, but when he came back he wasn't as interesting.

As far as KTLK, I'd guess that Conry could fill in for a while until they find a better option. I hear there are some pretty talented weekend guys around on competing stations....