Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Perpetual vindication?

Perhaps Mitt Romney's 2012 campaign slogan for President should have been "Romney: Right about everything." OK, I concede that would have come off as insufferably arrogant. But in hindsight, it may have been prescient.

A mere eight months into President Obama's second term, BuzzFeed writer McKay Coppins penned a column querying "Was Mitt Romney Right About Everything? - From Russia to Mali to Detroit, Romney’s biggest fans say they’ve been vindicated." 

Add on top of that the tumultuous situation in Iraq today. The Obama campaign dinged Romney during the 2012 campaign over his suggesting that there should still be a U.S. presence in Iraq (a complete troop withdrawal took place at the end of 2011). It's fair to say that ISIS would not be wreaking havoc in that country today if there were some sort of American military presence.

But what has topped it all off took place in the arena of basic manners and civility. Yes, even there Romney appears to have bested the White House's current occupant.

By now you've probably seen the infamous photo of Obama breaching the sneeze guard at a Chipotle.

And in contrast?



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