Monday, June 16, 2014

Box Score of the Week

It was 20 years ago tomorrow when the Kansas Royals hosted the Seattle Mariners.


Mr. D is correct in that Ken Griffey hit his 30th home run this game, which tied him with Babe Ruth for most home runs in a season before June 30. 

However, I picked this game for a different reason. As the game progressed, news began to leak out about accused murderer OJ Simpson hiding in the back seat of friend Al Cowlings' white Ford Bronco as they led police on a slow-speed chase. Before the game came back on the air, one of the Royals' announcers quipped “Did you hear that O.J. Simpson’s at the U.S. Open? He already has two under.”


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Mr. D said...

Ken Griffey Jr. reaches 30 home runs faster than anyone outside of Babe Ruth. Also the date of the OJ chase.