Friday, December 21, 2012

Dave's not here

Thursday evening was the season finale for 1500 ESPN NFL trivia. The location of this week's contest was Dave's Town Club in Delano.

After earning a #2 seed after the opening round written portion, I had a first round bye in the bracketed tournament.

My first matchup was against a collection called "2 guys and 2 girls." This was a one question, one answer format.

Question: The last time the Dallas Cowboys won a Super Bowl, who was their head coach?

Brad (buzzing in first): Barry Switzer. Correct!

On to the semifinals, where I would take on the very formidable Brendan Byrne. Brendan was a ten-time winner last season and won the whole thing five times this year. However, he had failed to capture the championship each of the past two weeks, so one expected him to be extra juiced this night.

This time, we squared off in best 2 of 3 category questions.

Question one: Since the beginning of the 2007 season, Adrian Peterson leads the Vikings in rushing yards with over 8,000. In that same span, seven different Vikings have rushed for at least 100 yards. Name them.

Brendan (just a hair quicker than me buzzing in): Chester Taylor. Correct.
Brad: Toby Gerhart. Correct.
Brendan: Christian Ponder. Correct.
Brad: Joe Webb. Correct.
Brendan: Tarvaris Jackson. Correct.
Brad (Thinking. Thinking. Taking the allotted 15 seconds): Brooks Bollinger? Incorrect.

1-0, Brendan.

Question two: In the Houston Texans' franchise history, nine different players have thrown at least one TD pass. Name them.

Brendan (literally a split second quicker buzzing in): Matt Schaub. Correct.
Brad: David Carr. Correct.
Brendan: Sage Rosenfels. Correct.
Brad: T.J. Yates. Correct.
Brendan: Tony Banks. Correct.
Brad (Again, taking all 15 seconds): Arian Foster? Incorrect.

Brendan moves on to the finals with a 2-0 win.

And Brendan defeated another trivia stalwart, The Jermichael$, to win his sixth title this year.

Ah, but all was not lost for me on this evening. Prior to each trivia outing, 1500 ESPN has a drawing where the winner receives a $25 gift card to whichever establishment is hosting that night's event. I was this weeks' winner, which meant dinner, drinks and dessert for the fetching Mrs. Carlson and myself came to about $1.67 before tip! Not a bad consolation.

Until next NFL season, thanks for indulging me in my weekly (albeit futile) pursuit of $100.


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