Friday, December 14, 2012

Celebrity Bell Ringer

Ringing a bell for the cause.

I've often said my weekly radio show has given me back way more than I've ever put in to it. 

This evening I considered it an absolute honor to participate as a bell ringer for The Salvation Army at Southdale Center in Edina. This was dubbed "Celebrities Bell Ringing" as assorted Minnesotans who are Vikings cheerleaders, beauty pageant winners and Radio/TV personalities partook in this event for one hour shifts each. Personally, I cringe at being on a list titled "celebrities" but I put that aside for 60 minutes. Truth be told, I was thrilled to do my part! I've seen hundreds of volunteers over the better part of 30+ years standing outside for hours in the frigid Minnesota winters in an attempt to persuade shoppers to donate money to the cause. Me standing in a shopping mall rotunda while ringing a bell for an hour wasn't exactly laborious. Nevertheless, it didn't go unnoticed by the Salvation Army staff, who showed their appreciation with a couple of nice gifts.

It was also fun to meet my fellow bell ringers (two Vikings cheerleaders and two beauty pageant winners), all of whom make me look like I'm sitting still when it comes to giving of time. While all the ladies were quite modest about such things, their respective "handlers" gave some insights as to their upcoming schedules. All are assets to the the Twin Cities community, that's for certain.

Being "crowned" by International Super Ms., Stephanie McGrane

The four blondes: (l-r) Vikings cheerleader Jeanne, Me, Miss MN Collegiate Gianna Capuzzi and Vikings cheerleader Blair

One additional highlight? New names to add to the guest roster for the radio show!


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