Friday, December 07, 2012


Carbone's Pizzeria in Burnsville was the locale for the this week's edition of 1500 ESPN NFL trivia, sponsored by Coors Light. Since I'm attending the Salem Communications Holiday soiree next week, last evening was one of only two remaining opportunities to capture my first trivia championship.

In the qualifying round, which is the written portion, I scored a 10-1/2 out of 15, which was good enough for a #5 seed in the 16-team tournament.

In the opening round, I was opposed by a foursome who called themselves Team Erin Andrews. Since it was a group of 20-something horny dudes, it's pretty obvious the inspiration for the team name.

Anyhow, the round of 16 is a one question, one answer proposition.

Question: In Brett Favre's final season with the Green Bay Packers in 2007, who was his leading receiver in terms of receiving yards?

Brad (buzzing in first): Greg Jennings. Incorrect.
Team Erin Andrews (for the win; taking all the allotted 15 seconds to discuss): DD - Donald Driver. Correct! Team Erin Andrews moves on to the round of 8.

Even worse than my losing in the round of 16? Brendan Byrne, who won 10 times last year and 5 times this season, was eliminated in the round of eight. I potentially had a clear path to the championship with my #1 nemesis out of the way sooner than expected.

Oh, well. On to someplace in Delano in two weeks.


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