Friday, November 02, 2012

Like a good Neighbor.....

It was my second stint of the season for NFL trivia last night. This time the site was actually somewhat amenable to the homestead as 1500 ESPN hosted the event at Neighbors Eatery and Saloon in Albertville.

Since there were only six participants, I was guaranteed to be in the main bracketed tournament. Nevertheless, I aced the written portion of the trivia contest, thus earning the #1 seed and a first round bye.

In the semifinal round, I took on a duo who called themselves "The Silver Bullets" (because the contest was sponsored by Coors Light. See what they did there?). This round was category questions, so whomever won 2 of 3 moved on to the finals. Since each question had an odd number of answers, the person buzzing in first had the advantage since they get to answer last.

First question: Name the three NFL Hall of Famers who played for both the Seahawks and Vikings.

Brad (buzzing in first): Carl Eller. Correct.
Silver Bullets: Warren Moon. Correct.
Brad (Thinking, Thinking. Takes a guess): Ron Yary. Incorrect.
Silver Bullets: John Randle. Correct!

1-0, Silver Bullets.

GAHHHHHHH!!!!! I was sooooooo disgusted with myself for missing the most obvious player that I almost walked away. Nonetheless, I gathered myself and geared up for the next question.

Next Question: There are currently five Notre Dame alumni on the Vikings roster. Name them.

Brad (buzzing in first): Kyle Rudolph. Correct.
Silver Bullets: John Carlson. Correct.
Brad: John Sullivan. Correct.
Silver Bullets: Harrison Smith. Correct.
Brad: Uhhhh.....Rhett Bollinger.  (WHO?!?!?!). Incorrect.
Silver Bullets: {Pass}
Brad: Uhh....I meant Rhett *Ellison.* Yeahhh, still wrong.

The correct answer was Robert Blanton. No point awarded.

Still 1-0, Silver Bullets.

Next Question: In 2011, the Vikings won a total of three games. Which teams did they defeat?

Brad (buzzing in first): Carolina Panthers. Correct.
Silver Bullets: Redskins. Correct.
Brad: Arizona Cardinals. Correct!

1-1 tie.

Next Question: Coach Pete Carroll has been an NFL head coach for three teams. Name them.

Silver Bullets (a split second quicker with the buzzer): Patriots. Correct.
Brad: Seahawks. Correct.
Silver Bullets: Jets. Correct!

Silver Bullets move on to the finals with a 2-1 victory.

Me? I went to a corner of the bar and cussed myself out over John freaking Randle.


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