Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Initial reaction

Yes, I am thoroughly disappointed in how my political party, the GOP, got clobbered in the Presidential race and the Minnesota state legislative races Tuesday. I'm not being hyperbolic when I say that I believe the next four years of a Barack Obama presidency will radically transform America to the point it may never return to prominence. The same can be said for my home state with far left Governor Mark Dayton being given a proverbial blank check for the 2013 budget cycle now that Democrats control both chambers of the legislature.

Count those as two more predictions where I desperately hope I'm mistaken.

Despite the seemingly dire situation in my home state as well as the entire country, I will not grow weary. In fact, I leave you with a poem which referred to 16th century Scottish sailor Sir Andrew Barton:

                    "Fight on, my men," Sir Andrew Said
                   "A little I'm hurt but not yet slain.
                    "I'll just lie down and bleed a while,
                    "And then I'll rise and Fight again.

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