Saturday, October 27, 2012

It was four years ago today

On Monday, October 28, 2008, then Senator Barack Obama was in the midst of the final week of his Presidential campaign. He kicked off the final eight days with a campaign event in Canton, OH. Like 2012, the state of Ohio was considered a big "get" in 2008, though we now know Obama would have won handily even without securing the Buckeye state.

In the middle of his speech delivered to the crowd in Canton, Obama asked a question of the audience that, unbeknownst to him, would also become a tenet of the 2012 election cycle.

The question in this election is not are you better off than you were four years ago. We all know the answer to that. The real question is, will this country be better off four years from now?

We also know the answer to that. 

And if the latest polls are to be believed, the majority of the 2012 electorate are going to give President Obama an answer he will not like.


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