Sunday, October 14, 2012

I heard it on the NARN

It was an honor to broadcast aboard the Majestic Star this afternoon. It turned out to be a crisp, sunny Fall day, which made the jaunt up and down the St. Croix River that much more enjoyable.

But what made the day so memorable was the guest lineup. All but one segment featured prominent guests, all of whom are patriots making a difference not only in their community but all across America.

With that, I would like to acknowledge today's guest appearances and I encourage my readers to check out each and every one of their endeavors via the links I provide.

John Larkin - Founder of The 56 Club.

Twila Brase - President and Founder of Citizens' Council for Health Freedom.

Tom Coulter - Member of Club For Growth.

Norann Dillon - Chair of the Minnesota chapter of the Republican Liberty Caucus.

John Cooney - Minnesota State Director of Americans for Prosperity.

Richard Glasgow - Chair of Dear American Hero.

Kim Fuhrmann - RTS: Remembering Their Sacrfices.

Patricia Boyd - Creator of the MN Fallen Heroes calendars. They can be purchased online at the Military Heroes Foundation web site.

Mary Amlaw - Author and media event speaker.


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