Monday, October 01, 2012

Compare and Contrast

The 2012 Major League Baseball regular season is about to come to a close. Once again, my Minnesota Twins will go out with a whimper as they will finish with 90+ losses for the second consecutive season.

One consolation for me is it appears the hated Chicago White Sox will also miss the postseason! Just two weeks ago, the Sux Sox had a three game lead over the Detroit Tigers in the American League Central division. However, over the next 12 games, the Sox went 2-10, turning a three game lead into a three game deficit. Since there are only three games remaining as I write this, it will require a minor miracle for the White Sox to take the division title.

Yes, the White Sox and my Twins have had quite a rivalry over the past 10+ seasons, but my disdain for the Pale Hose has nothing to do with their roster itself. Insufferable shill Ken "Hawk" Harrelson is the TV voice of the Sox and is, by far, the biggest (and most contemptible) "homer" in the game today. Nothing in sports brings me greater joy than listening to Harrelson when his boys are going down to defeat.

But when the "good guys" win? Harrelson is off the charts, sounding as though he is being....ahem...."pleasured."

The greatest example of this can be found in a July 2009 game when then White Sox hurler Mark Buehrle tossed a perfect game at the Tampa Bay Rays.

Fast forward the video below to about 5:10, as the final out is recorded.

We good?

Now compare that to a scene in the movie When Harry Met Sally (fast forward to about 1:13)


Uncanny, isn't it?



Mr. D said...

Put it on the board... YES!

What I really wonder is this: what did Steve Stone do in a past life to deserve spending his announcing career sitting next to Harry Caray and then Hawk Harrelson. Stone must have been a bad man....

Brad said...

I thought Stone was a very good analyst when with the Cubs. In fact, he was too good. As a result, he fell out of favor with the Cubs brass with his unvarnished criticism of the team.

Now that he's with the South Siders, Stoney does this "we" B.S. when referring to the White Sox. Apparently that's what the viewing audience desires, which would explain Harrelson still being there after 20+ seasons of that bilge.