Thursday, August 09, 2012

Showin' up

As my friend and Northern Alliance Radio Network colleague Mitch Berg pointed out earlier this week, the Minneapolis Star Tribune will occasionally dole out unqualified endorsements of local Republicans, provided said GOPers act like DFLers with better suits can prove they're "thoughtful and pragmatic." Steve Smith, who has been in the Minnesota House for 22 years, is (to put it mildly) a moderate Republican who was trounced by Chanhassen's Cindy Pugh in the House District 33B endorsement battle. From what I've been able to gather, Smith had zero delusions about receiving the nod from grassroots activists, so he decided immediately to take this battle to Tuesday's primary. I guess it's not a huge shock Smith would defy the endorsement, especially when you consider his attitude towards the Tea Party and its ilk (emphasis mine).

“The world is controlled by those who show up,” he acknowledged. “And my Tea Party opponent had my district and other districts targeted for their folks coming in and taking over. The ordinary Republicans stay home raising their kids, doing their jobs, coming home and having a beer and going to bed.”

Wow. What stunning condescension. So is Smith implying that those who sacrifice sleep, vacations and time with their respective families to work on campaigns, stay engaged in the political process and attend BPOU meetings are somehow second class citizens? I would argue that those who "show up" are genuinely concerned about the future of this state, especially if the most left-wing Governor in Minnesota's history is given a proverbial blank check in the form of a Democrat controlled Legislature. Therefore, some time away from the family may be a small price to pay when you consider the kind of future being left to the kids if that happens.

Yes, those who "show up" are willing to do their part to ensure that future generations can sufficiently raise their own kids, do their jobs, go home, have a beer and go to bed...and actually have a peaceful night's sleep.

It all starts this Tuesday