Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Did I call it or did I call it?

As soon as I heard that South Carolina financier Darla Moore and former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice were the first women ever to be admitted as members to Augusta National Golf Club, I predicted that lefty women's groups would kvetch about the inaugural members being a "one percenter" and a Republican.

Well, it wasn't a women's group who made an initial public statement (well, none that I know of), but rather Ed Schultz of the lefty haven that is MSNBC.

“Is this really change they can believe in,” Schultz said following a commercial break.

After reporting what most thought was good news to his viewers, Schultz noted presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s congratulations to Rice via Twitter.

“Mitt Romney has finally found a women’s rights issue that he can stand up for and support: Augusta National letting two rich women in to play,” Schultz snarked.

Ummm.....Ed? You do realize that Augusta National is one of the most prestigious golf clubs not only in the country but the entire world, right? With that being the case, it would stand to reason that membership dues would be quite exorbitant. So wouldn't it be logical that those who become members of said club would, y'know, have a few bucks.......REGARDLESS OF GENDER?!?!?!

“The boys out at Augusta could really break the glass ceiling a little bit better if they were to say bring in Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton.” he continued.

Let's see: Before Monday, women had never been allowed to become members at Augusta and blacks were excluded until 1990. Yet Ms. Rice, a black woman, being admitted isn't considered enough of a break in the proverbial glass ceiling? Oh, and another little factoid: both Rice and Moore are avid golfers. Given that Augusta is a golf club also seems to make it a pretty good fit.

Besides, it's pretty obvious that the husbands to the First Lady and the current Secretary of State play enough golf to make up for what little their respective wives partake in the sport.


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