Monday, August 13, 2012

Again, I couldn't make it up if I tried

I've met David Carlson (no relation, as far as I know) a time or two. I couldn't help but be impressed with the gentleman given his honorable service to our country (three tours in Iraq to be precise). Above all that, he seemed most proud of his beautiful twin daughters, who are now age five.

Carlson's also taken a stab at political office, getting thoroughly trounced in 2008 in a run for MN State House (HD 67B - St Paul) and losing the GOP endorsement bid for state Senate in 2010 in SD 38 (Eagan and a portion of Burnsville).

So his latest exploits, putting up a primary challenge in the US Senate race against GOP endorsed candidate Kurt Bills, seemed most curious. I can only surmise that this is merely an attempt to garner name recognition statewide in the event he aspires to higher ambitions politically.

When my friends Jack Tomczak and Ben Kruse played a political ad from Carlson on their weekend radio show The Late Debate, I naturally assumed it had to be a bit. Unfortunately I discovered the actual clip and found that what sounded like a caricature of a Ron Paul endorsed candidate (which Bills is) is actually an "approved message" by candidate Carlson.

 I got nuthin'. 


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