Wednesday, May 16, 2012

MN Senate endorsement

I'm of the same mindset as Mitch Berg and Mark Heuring when it comes to political endorsements in that no one really cares what I think. I find it laughable that I've received inquiries from the three campaigns wanting to publicly announce my support for their guy. Like that would carry any weight.

But since I'm a delegate to the MN GOP state convention this weekend, I'm going to have to cast a vote for one of the three candidates vying to oppose Sen. Amy Klobuchar this fall. So which candidate will receive my support?

Why, whichever one receives the actual endorsement of course.

Here's my strategy: On the first ballot, I will cast a vote for Candidate "A." When the results of the first ballot are announced and, say, Candidate "B" receives 56% of the vote (60% is needed for endorsement), I will switch my support to Candidate "B" to expedite the endorsement process. After all, the bottom line is to coalesce behind one candidate and move forward in ousting Klobuchar.

As I've alluded to previously, it's been a rather contentious atmosphere amongst the supporters of Dan Severson, Pete Hegseth and Kurt Bills. I'd rather save my invective for a Democrat, thanks very much.


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