Friday, June 17, 2011

RightOnline 2011

It is an absolute thrill to be in attendance at the fourth annual RightOnline conference in downtown Minneapolis.

-Just completed my first breakout session, entitled "Controlling the Narrative: Election Integrity & the 2012 Elections." Who better to head up this discussion than Anita MonCrief, who blew the whistle on ACORN's rampant voter fraud.

Check out rVotes to find out the best tools to utilize in maintaining election integrity.

-Next breakout session was "Building Online Coalitions." I was incredibly impressed with Jimmy LaSalvia of the organization GOProud. Jimmy cited that 30% of the gay community votes Republican and explained how there's not as near a big divide between the Republican party and the gay community as many left-wing talking heads like to convey. Fiscal issues are near the top of their concerns, which is an area where the GOP should excel in increasing that 30% number.

-Power packed speakers at the General Session this afternoon included Rep. John Kline (R-MN), Melissa Clouthier, Ann McElhinney, Erik Telford, John Hinderaker and Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN). All were phenomenal, but Rep. Blackburn was, for me, the most impacting. She provided a very sobering insight into what would happen if this Net Neutrality is imposed. All 47 US Senators have vowed to shoot it down, so we need 4 Democrats Senators to effectively kill this unconscionable power grab of regulating the entire internet. If you live in a state which has a Democrat Senator (HELLOOOOOOO Minnesota), give 'em a call NOW!!

-Final breakout session of the day, and the room is bursting at the seams. Citizen journalist James O'Keefe was the main presenter for Left Exposed: Where Investigative Reporting Meets Online Activism.

Project Veritas has broken some of the more major corruption stories in this country which the Mainstream Media refused to cover, if not suppressed them all together. Go to PV's website to see more. Some are humorous, but the majority are infuriating.


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