Thursday, June 16, 2011

MLB All-Star Fish team

San Diego Padres starting pitcher Anthony Bass made his major league debut Monday, pitching five innings in a 3-1 win over the Colorado Rockies. Bass's reward for winning his MLB debut? A demotion to AAA.

Yes, young Anthony still needs to improve his credentials before being named to the coveted All-Fish Name team.

So who can be deemed worthy of such an honor?

SP - Catfish Hunter
SP - Dizzy Trout
SP - Steve Trout
SP - Ray Fisher
SP - Brian Fisher
RP - Harry Eells
RP - Art Herring
RP - Marlin Stuart
RP - Bill Fischer
RP - Eddie Fisher
C - Steve Lake
1B - Chico Salmon
2B - Marlon Anderson
SS - Starlin Castro
3B - Bobby Scales
OF - Kevin Bass
OF - Marlon Byrd
OF - Tim Salmon
DH - Randy Bass


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Paul Hughes said...

And now Trout (Angels), Carp (Red Sox), and Pollock (Diamondbacks)