Saturday, January 29, 2011

Scott snubbed

When George W. Bush was President, he had no shortage of scathing critics. Unfortunately, many critics chose to attack the man personally as opposed to offering up dignified dissent. Admittedly, my admiration for President Bush grew immensely when he didn't personally respond to the utter lunacy that was thrown his way on a daily basis. He kept focused on his Presidency, all the while exercising the courage of his convictions (some of which I personally opposed ----- in a dignified manner of course).

While Mr. Bush is now free to settle some scores, he seems to rise above it all. But in an excerpt of a C-Span interview, he addresses a "sin of omission" from his new book Decision Points.

Scores of people have written entire books taking their own potshots at some aspect of the Bush administration. That's why it's entertaining to hear Bush himself slap down an agenda-driven former employee with the same energy as swatting an annoying mosquito.


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